Passage for Exercise-87

Read carefully the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:

   Friends often ask me: “When do you read?” My life seems pretty full of various activities, some useful perhaps, others of a doubtful utility. It is not easy to make friends with books and live in their charmed world when the horrid business of politics consumes our youth and eats up our days and nights, which under a better dispensation would be given to happier pursuits. Yet even in this dreary round I try to find a little time at night to read some book that is far removed from politics. I do not succeed always. But most of my reading takes place in railway trains as I journey to and fro across this vast land.

   A third class or an intermediate class compartment is not an ideal place to read in or do any work. But the invariable friendliness of my fellow-travellers and the courtesy of railway officials make a difference, and I am afraid I cannot pretend to experience all the discomfort of such travelling. Others insist on my having more than
my fair share of space, and many acts of courtesy give a pleasant touch to the journey. Not that I love discomfort or seek it. Nor do I indulge in travelling third class because there is any virtue in it or principle involved. The main consideration is one of rupees, annas and pies. The difference in third class and second class fares is so great that only dire necessity induces me to indulge in the luxury of second class travel.


1. What would the writer have done if he were free from the horrid business of politics?
2. Where does the writer read books mostly?
3. Why is an intermediate or a third class compartment not an ideal place to read in?
4. What makes the railway journey comfortable for the writer?
5. Is there any principle involved in travelling third class?
6. Why does the writer travel third class?

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