Passage for Exercise-89

Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:

I have always felt that the style of broadcasting should be conversational rather than literary. The broadcaster should endeavour to convey to his audience the impression that he is speaking to him eye to eye and striving, with such faculties of persuation as he may possess, to communicate either information or an idea. I believe that
the essence of good broadcasting is this very desire to communicate; and owing to the nature of the medium employed, the communication must be oral and not written. The style of conversation is evidently different from that of rhetoric on the one hand, and literature on the other. A broadcast talk that sounds like a public speech is seldom efficacious; one that is read aloud like a prize essay quickly ceases to command attention. Does this mean that broadcasting will have a degrading influence on our literary style and that in a few years even the greatest stylists will merely write as they talk? I think the wireless will banish grandiloquence from British prose, but it will certainly not banish style.


1. What, according to the writer, should be proper style of broadcasting?
2. What impression should the broadcaster try to convey to his audience?
3. What form should this communication take?
4. What kind of broadcast talk is seldom efficacious?
5. What effect is broadcasting likely to have on English prose style?

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