Passage for Exercise-92

Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:

   One of the most remarkable features of party and parliamentary government in England is the existence of a regularly organized Opposition. The Leader of the Opposition in the House of Commons has as well defined a position as the Prime Minister himself, and the rules by which the conduct of the Opposition is guided are laid down, if not by law, at least by custom. Foreign nations have frequently found it difficult to understand this method of procedure. From their point of view, the Opposition is the enemy of the Government, and naturally wishes to do as much-harm to it as possible. Consequently the enemies of England have sometimes thought that they might be able to find allies among the enemies of the Government, but they have always been mistaken. In matters outside the region of parliamentary conflict, the Ministry and the Opposition work together to secure the greatness and prosperity of their common country.

Questions :

1. What is the unique feature of the parliamentary government in England?
2. What guidance exists for the Opposition or minority party in the House?
3. How does this appear to other nations? a
4. What natural error do they fall into when they see the Opposition struggling against the Government?
5. What has been the experience of outside enemies who have hoped to find allies in the Opposition party in the House?
6. What are the relations of the Government and the Opposition outside the House of Commons?

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