Passage for Exercise-93

Read carefully the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:

   Everyone likes to blame his sense of defeat on someone else and for sometime scientists have been a favourite scapegoat. I want to look at their responsibility, and for that matter at everybody’s responsibility, rather more closely. They do have a special responsibility; do not let us argue that out of existence; but it is a complicated one; and it is not the whole responsibility. For example, science obviously is not responsible for the readings of the people who do not take their private quarrels beyond the stage of insult to carry their public quarrels to the point of war. Many animals fight for their needs, and some for their mere greeds, to the point of death. Bucks fight for females, and birds for their territories. The fighting habits of man are odd because he displays them only in groups. But they were not supplied by scientists. On the contrary, science has helped to end several kinds of group murder, such as witch hunting and the taboos of the early nineteenth century against disinfecting


1. Who have been made a favourite scapegoat for wars?
2. Who have a special responsibility? What kind of responsibility is that?
3. Why do birds and beasts fight?
4. Why are the fighting habits of man odd?
5. How has science helped to end group murders?
6. Find words in the passage having the meanings given below:
  (i) a person blamed for the wrong doings of others
  (ii) made complex
  (iii) clearly or plainly
  (iv) areas of land
  (v) strange or peculiar
  (vi) acts or things forbidden by religion or custom

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