Passage for Exercise-96

Read carefully the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:

   Machines alone cannot keep pace with civilization. We should try to become more civilized. For the machines themselves, and the power which the machines have given us, are not civilization, but aids to civilization. It must be known that civilization rests on our thinking and behaving. We all agree that being civilized means making beautiful things, thinking freely and living rightly and maintaining justice equally between man and man. Man has a better chance to-day to do these things than he ever had before; he has more time, more energy, less to fear and less to fight against except for the dangers he has himself created. If he will give this time and energy, which his machines have won for him, to making more beautiful things, to finding out more and more about the universe, to removing the cause of quarrels between nations, to discovering how to prevent poverty, then I think our civilization would undoubtedly be the greatest, as it would be the most lasting, than there has ever been.


1. Do more machines make us more civilized? :
2. What does being civilized mean?
3. How can machines and machine power help man to become more civilized?
4. What advantages have machines given to modern man?
5. Find out words from the given passage which have the following meanings:
   (i) to have an effect for a long time
   (ii) to stop from happening
   (iii) the speed at which one walks or runs
   (iv) lies

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