Passage for Exercise-99

Read carefully the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:

   Well, we must destroy caste, we must destroy the inequalities of birth and unalterable vocations. We must recognize an equality of rights, privileges and opportunities for everyone. As the legal and social basis of caste has been broken down by the British Indian penal system, which recognizes the rights of every man before a court, caste is now mainly governed by profession. When the sweepers change their profession, they will no longer remain untouchables. And they can do that soon, for the first thing we will do when we accept machines will be to introduce the machine which clears dung without anyone having to handle it — the flush system. Then the sweepers can be free from the mark of untouchability and become dignified members of a casteless and classless society.


1. How does the writer define caste?
2. What broke down the legal and social basis of caste?
3. How is caste preserved now inspite of equal rights?
4. What according to the writer is the quickest way to remove untouchability?
5. Find out words from the given passage which have the following meanings.
   (i) to demolish
  (ii) occupation
  (iii) pertaining to punishment
  (iv) to cleanse by rapid flow of water

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