Passage for Exercise-32

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below:

    The Arabs, who are not in cities, live in desert all the year round. They live in tents that can be put up and taken down easily and quickly, so that they may move from one place to another, seeking grass and water for their sheep, goats, camels and horses. In the desert Arabs eat ripe sweet figs and also the dates that grow upon the palm trees. They have the finest horses in the world. An Arab loves his horse almost as much as he loves his wife and children. He never puts heavy loads upon him and often lets him stay in the tent with his family. The camel is much more useful to the Arab for he is much more larger and stronger. One camel can carry as much as or more than two horses. The Arabs load the camel with goods and ride him too for miles and miles across the desert— ‘‘just as if he were really the ship of the desert,’’ which he is often called.


(a) Where and how do most of the Arabs live?
(b) What do the Arabs live on?
(c) How did they treat their horses?
(d) What is the ‘ship of the desert’ and why it so called?
(e) Find out four countable nouns form the passage.
(f) Give the opposites of ‘ripe’ and ‘finest’.
(g) Give the plural form of ‘sheep’.

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