Passage for Exercise-45

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below:

    Once a thief in Bagdad made a hole in the wall of a man’s house and stole a box full of jewels. He was however found out by the chowkidars and taken into the court before the Kazi.

    The thief fell upon his knees and wept, “Sir” said he, “I am innocent, I did not make the hole nor did I steal. the box of jewels. They have wrongly arrested me.”

    “Then, how is that the box of jewels was found with you?” asked the Kazi “Sir, I am really innocent. But my nght hand is very wicked and often gives the trouble. It was my right hand that made the hole and stole the jewels while I was outside the wall.”

    “Really” said the Kazi, “then you cannot be punished. But I shall send your right hand to prison for six months and you will stand outside the prison, while your nght hand serves the sentence.”


(a) What did the thief of Bagdad do?
(b) Where was he taken?
(c) What did he tell the Kazi?
(d) What did the Kazi tell him in reply?
(e) Pick out an expression which means ‘punishment.’
(f) Pick out an expression for the word ‘innocent.’
(g) Give the opposite word for ‘innocent.’

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